COVID – 19 Update for CC Communications

Effective Friday, May 29, 2020

CC Communications COVID-19 Precautions

CC Communications' lobby at 1750 W. Williams Ave. will re-open for normal business hours beginning Monday June 1, 2020. We encourage customers to continue to utilize online, mail, or drop boxes for payments whenever possible. Additionally, new services and adds, changes, and moves to current services should be initiated online or over the phone. For those who need to conduct business onsite, we ask that you maintain 6 feet of distance between customers and employees not behind the counter. All counters where interaction with employees occur are equipped with clear shields for everyone's protection, and hand sanitizer is available for your convenience. Employees interacting with the public will utilize face coverings, and we encourage customers to do the same.

Installation of new services and resolution of trouble tickets will continue to adhere to our current precautionary protocols.

Effective Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The CDC has issued travel guidelines for New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. In response to these guidelines, we have updated our list of customer questions for site visits and lobby appointments to include these locations. In addition to the CDC guidelines to International Travel and 3 US states, we will remain with a broader screening that includes locations nearer to us that have significant outbreaks, as well as airports.

Effective Monday March 23, 2020

Pursuant to Governor Sisolak’s directive, the Computer Information and Security Agency (CISA) guidance for providers of critical infrastructure, the Emergency Regulations contained in Nevada Administrative Code chapter 414, and CC Communications’ obligations as Churchill County’s Provider of Last Resort for Internet and telephone; CC Communications will take several steps to ensure both the safety of its customers and employees, as well as ensure the ability to continue to maintain the network, service trouble tickets, and to install new requests for service.

CC Communications will continue to:

  • Work trouble tickets for all services,
  • Installation all services,
  • Provide customer service
  • Maintain Fiber-to-the-Home construction schedule, and
  • Fulfill supporting activities needed to continue providing service.

Lobby by Appointment Only

CC Communications’ Customer Service lobby at 1750 W. Williams will receive in-person visits on an appointment basis only.
Customers wishing to pay bills should do so via telephone, online, or payment drop box. 

  • The inside lobby door at 1750 W. Williams will be closed.
  • The outside lobby door at 1750 W. Williams will be open 8-5.
  • An additional payment drop box will be located in the area between the outside and inside lobby doors.
  • Customer service representatives will continue to work to receive your phone calls and assist with bill payment.  
  • All fees that may be associated with alternate forms of payment will be waived.
  • Late fees will be waived for sixty (60) days
Customers wishing to initiate or change service should do so via telephone.
  • Again, customer service representatives will continue to work to receive your phone calls and assist with your telecommunications needs.Students and teachers without a current broadband provider are eligible for free Internet through the end of the semester, where available.
In both cases, in the event that your service needs cannot be met via telephone, a customer service representative will make an appointment for a face-to-face meeting at 1750 W. Williams.

Face-to-Face Lobby Appointments and In-Home Visit Safety RequirementsThese appointments will be made after it is determined that customer issues cannot be resolved via telephone. Prior to the meeting the customer will be asked:

  • Have you or anyone in your home been outside of the county, in Las Vegas, or out of the state in the last 21 days?
    We will not have in home or face-to face appointments with people (or homes) that answer yes to out of country, Las Vegas, the bay area, or New York State.
  • Have you, or anyone in your home, been in an airport within the last 21 days?
    If yes, we will not have in-home or face-to-face appointments.
  • Are you, or anyone in your home, running a fever above 100 degrees, or have the symptoms of a cold, flu or COVID -19?
    If yes, we will not have in-home visits or face-to-face appointments.
  • Have you, anyone in your home, or anyone that you have been in person-to-person contact in the last 21 days, been told to self-isolate?If yes, we will not have in-home visit or face-to-face appointment.Face-to-face or in-home visits can be scheduled for 21 days after a member of your household returned, had symptoms, been in airport, or had contact with someone who was told to self-isolate.

Technicians that visit your site will make all efforts to practice social distancing (6 feet of separation).
Multiple people cannot be in the room that they are working in.
Technicians will leave if reasonable social distancing is not practiced, or anyone in the home is coughing, sneezing, or otherwise appears ill while in the rooms that the technician must enter.

Lobby Appointments 

  1. Once inside of the customer service building customers need to make all efforts to practice social distancing, and must attend the appointment alone unless they need assistance from a family member or friend.
  2. Failure to practice reasonable social distancing, or attending the appointment while coughing, sneezing, or otherwise appearing ill, will result in terminating the face-to-face meeting.

As a provider of critical infrastructure, CC Communications must take all measures to ensure continuity of service. The health of our employees is vital to ensuring we maintain staffing levels necessary to maintain the network, fulfill new service requests, and support those employees who complete these jobs. While some may feel that these measures are unnecessary, I assure you that they have not been taken lightly. In addition to complying with the directives of Governor Sisolak, guidance from CISA, and NAC 414, I have determined that it is in the best interest of both employees and customers. Please feel free to contact me directly with any concerns you may have.

Best Regards,

Mark Feest, GM
775-423-7171 extension 1401

Precautions, Connectivity Pledge, and Student Home Broadband



 CC Communications shares your concerns about the potential for COVID-19 transmission within our community, and this is especially true when it comes to our friends and family who are most at risk of experiencing severe symptoms. While ensuring continued network availability is of the utmost concern, the safety of our customers and employees comes first.

Safety Measures

CC Communications began to reduce employee density in the workplace last week by instituting telecommuting where possible, and creating more space between workstations. We have also instituted a disinfecting and social distancing routine based upon CDC recommendations.

Outside Technicians

Our technicians that visit your home to install new service or respond to a trouble ticket have been provided best practices, personal protective equipment, and disinfectant to keep both you and them safe. As this situation evolves, you may be asked certain questions prior to the technician coming on-site, so that we can assess whether there is a risk to our employee when entering your home or business. Please be considerate of the employee asking the questions, as they are doing so at my direction. They are also doing so for your protection, as we are taking these measures to avoid becoming a carrier from one home visit to another. If you have concerns about any of our practices, please call me directly at 775-423-7171 extension 1401.

Customer Service Center at 1750 W. Williams Ave.

As with all of our buildings, our customer service center undergoes a disinfecting routine many times throughout the day, and all employees have been provided best practices to reduce risks to employees and customers alike. Of course, proximity and exchange of items such as documents, money, and credit cards, creates potential for the transmission of viruses. We ask that pay by phone or mail be utilized, and a credit or debit card when possible. We ask that you avoid our customer service building if you or someone in your home is sick, recently returned from overseas, has a fever over 100 degrees, or has been asked to self isolate. When inside feel free to utilize our hand sanitizer and provide several feet of distance between yourself and other customers and employees when possible. Again, it would be best if you could pay online or over the phone until this issue is resolved, and until then, we will waive all credit card and debit card fees associated with those payment methods. If you set up auto-pay and paperless billing, we will provide a $10.00 credit. If you have concerns about any of our practices, please call me directly at 775-423-7171 extension 1401.

Connectivity Pledge

CC Communications has adopted the Federal Communications Commission's "Connectivity Pledge" to agree to the following for at least the next 60 days:

  1. "not terminate service to any residential or small business customers because of their inability to pay their bills due to the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic;
  2. "waive any late fees that any residential or small business customers incur because of their economic circumstances related to the coronavirus pandemic; and
  3. "open its WiFi hotspots to any American who needs them."

K-12 Students, Teachers, and College Students

CC Communications will provide broadband at no cost to K-12 students and teachers, as well as college students, who have been required to transition to online schooling and do not currently have a broadband connection at home. This service will be provided, where available, for the remainder of the semester. Please note that CC Communications is concerned with the safety of both those in your home, and that of our technicians who install the service. We consider it to be irresponsible to use this crisis to lure customers of other broadband providers with temporary discounts, and thereby place our employees at greater risk of transmission. This offer is not a marketing scheme designed to gain market share while being disguised as a public service. It is a no fee, no contract service for families that do not currently have broadband, yet need it now to complete schooling requirements. If you currently have a broadband provider, we WILL NOT place our technicians at risk just so a customer can get a free offer by switching providers. However, if you are a student or teacher that does not have broadband in your home, we are happy to help. Call 775-423-7171 extension 1450.

Please understand that we do not know what the demand will be for this offer, and we will schedule installs as quickly as possible where available. Due to concerns I have with exposing our technicians and the public to potential risks, we are not currently actively marketing to new customers. As such, we anticipate the ability to quickly install for the limited number of students and teachers who do not already have broadband connections at home.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly at the email or phone number below.

Best Regards,
Mark Feest, GM/CEO
CC Communications
775-423-7171 ext. 1401

POSTED March 17