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Don’t spend hours on the phone with someone who lives on the other side of the globe when you can get your home electronics serviced right here in Churchill County.

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CC Communications PC Repair & Support

 Five Levels of Technical Support for all Your Home Electronics

Don’t spend hours on the phone with someone who lives on the other side of the globe when you can get your home electronics serviced right here in Churchill County.

  1. Computer Services
    • Diagnostics
    • Setup, Upgrades and Repairs
    • Hard Drive/DVD Drive Installation
    • Memory (RAM) Evaluation/Installation
  2. Hardware Installation, Setup and Training
    • External Computer Hardware
    • Digital Camera
    • MP3 Player
    • Universal Remote
  3. Software and Data
    • Malicious Software Removal
    • Computer to Computer Data Transfer
    • Internet Setup
  4. Security
    • Network Security Configuration
  5. Wireless Networking
    • Wireless Network Setup

Help is a Phone Call Away!

For additional information and pricing, call us at 775-423-7171 or make an appointment to bring your equipment to AJ at 50 W. Williams Ave - Fallon, NV.

Download the Computer Repair Parking Map to find special customer parking when bringing in your computer for repair.

Products & Service Rates

Service In-store Service In-home Service
  Price *Add'l Chgs Price *Add'l Chgs
Computer Check-Up $59.99 Yes NA NA
Computer Diagnostics (Computer not working) $59.99 Yes NA NA
NEW Computer Setup $99.99 Yes NA NA
Computer Upgrade (Customer defined) min. $59.99 Yes min. $159.99 Yes
External Computer Hardware Installation & Setup $59.99 Yes NA NA
Computer Memory (RAM) Evaluation/Installation $59.99 Yes NA NA
Computer Hard Drive or DVD Drive Installation (Software not included) $59.99 Yes $159.99 Yes
Malicious Software Removal $99.99 Yes NA NA
Computer to Computer Data Transfer $99.99 No NA NA
Internet Setup NA NA $159.99 Yes
Wireless Network Setup - Up to 2 computers NA NA $129.99 Yes
Wireless Network Setup - Each add'l computer NA NA $29.99 Yes
CC Communications Tech Home banner

The Tech Home Security Suite Solution

Protect at all points!

With more internet-connected devices than ever before, your technology can be difficult to manage. Need help setting up, using and protecting all of your networked devices?

Our Tech Home Security Suite makes technology easy - combining the best of:

  • Security
  • File backup
  • Password management
  • Data management software
  • Wi-fi network support
  • Premium tech support

You get 24/7 protection at all points!

data of CC Communications' Tech Home services

Your world connected.

Your world secure.

The Tech Home Security Suite will help you easily navigate and resolve technology challenges at home. If you run into a snag, we will give you friendly help…right away. Let us help you simplify your use of technology and provide outstanding customer service when you need it.

Learn more about the components of our Tech Home Security Suite.

Internet Security

SecureIT antivirus and internet security protects you and your family against the latest online threats with desktop and mobile software to keep your devices safe.

Cloud Backup

Securely backup and protect your most important documents, photos, music, and emails with FileHopper for desktop and mobile.

Password Management

Our Password Genie password manager, data protection and password security software is your secure digital wallet for desktop and mobile devices.

Home Network Support

From Wi-Fi setup through ongoing use our Wi-Fi experts are available to provide you with a premium Wi-Fi experience.

Wi-Fi Analysis

Identi-Fi for desktop, Android and iOS is designed to help improve your Wi-Fi experience. This tool provides meaningful analysis of the wireless environment to reduce repeat Wi-Fi related calls.

Premium Tech Support

You get 24/7/365 premium remote technical support for all your computers and devices.

Ready to add Tech Home Security Suite to your Broadband plan?
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