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Security Systems
Let us help you protect what you value most.

The ultimate feeling of security is knowing your loved ones, your home and your business are all safe from fire and intrusion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Protect your family and your property from theft, vandalism and fire

CC Communications sells and installs home security equipment that monitors for:

Home is where the heart is

With the hectic pace that life brings you, now more than ever your home is your haven, your refuge. And at the heart of a home is family. You want to do everything you can to protect what you value most.

With alarm monitoring service and equipment from CC Communications, a licensed, bonded security professional is always available to notify you and authorities when an alarm is activated.

Gain peace of mind with a Basic System for as little as $400 and $29.95 per month. A no-interest easy payment option is available.
The ultimate feeling of security is knowing your loved ones, your home and your business are all safe from fire and intrusion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Security Systems From CC Communications

A security system helps you avoid confrontation with burglars if you’re at home and protects your valuables while you’re away. Studies show that burglars and vandals prefer to attack vulnerable homes and are more likely to move on when they encounter a home with a security system. With a security system from CC Communications, you dramatically reduce safety and security risks in your home as well as save up to 20% on your homeowners insurance.

CC Communications offers market-tested equipment from leading manufacturers and professional installation by local technicians, along with an affordable, reliable 24-hour monitoring service.

Further, CC Communications includes an uninterruptible power supply with each installation to ensure your family and property are protected even in the case of a power failure. The UPS is rated to provide battery backup for up to four (4) hours.
Unlike many of the national security monitoring companies that rent the equipment to the customer, CC Comm sells its monitoring equipment. The equipment is owned by you and is a home improvement you may sell with the home – raising the resale value – or take with you to your new home.

24-hour Monitoring By Trained Professionals

If thieves enter your home, they trigger a loud siren that can both warn you and send them running — before they have time to grab anything. Almost instantly, local police are notified and dispatched to your address.

In the event of fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide (an upgrade is required for fire, smoke, and CO protection), your 24-hour security system’s sensors detect the problem and notify firefighter and emergency personnel to assist you. Minutes count when there’s a fire, and a monitored security system from CC Comm can save you thousands of dollars in damages and prevent loss of irreplaceable treasures.

CC Communications is the only security monitoring service provider based in Churchill County

Other providers are based in the Reno area or are national companies. With Security Monitoring Services from CC Communications, you receive one bill for telephone, television, Internet, and security, with all services and installations handled by the same CC Communications employees you’ve trusted since 1889.

Also, enjoy the convenience of calling one telephone number staffed right here in Fallon when you experience service-related issues.
CC Communications offers market-tested equipment from leading manufacturers and professional installation by local technicians, along with affordable, reliable 24-hour monitoring service from trained, dedicated professionals.

Home Security Brochure

Home and Business

Peace of Mind You Can Afford

Without a home security system your home isn’t completely furnished.

Gain peace of mind with our Basic System for as little as $29.95 per month. The ultimate feeling of security is knowing your loved ones, your home, and your business are all safe from fire and intrusion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With fully featured wireless security systems and customized packages, CC Communications has the products to best suit your needs. With alarm monitoring service from CC Comm, a licensed, bonded security professional is always available to notify authorities when an alarm is activated.

Security monitoring from CC Communications covers all the bases for you. After all, good neighbors always look out for each other. That’s the CC Communications way.

Our Basic System includes:

  • 1 control panel
  • 1 keypad
  • 1 wireless personal key or fob
  • 1 siren
  • 3 window and door contacts
  • 1 motion detector
  • 1 yard or fence sign
  • 3 window decals

With monthly monitoring rates as low as $29.95, security monitoring with CC Communications is a much better value than national security companies.


Personal Emergency

Independence for life with a Personal Emergency Reporting System!

Personal Emergency Reporting System PDFNothing is more important than family. A Personal Emergency Reporting System from CC Communications protects loved ones when you can't be there. It is an automatic reporting system for medical emergencies. A Personal Emergency Reporting System includes a portable pendant and versatile home station that alerts — and lets users speak with — responders without even picking up a phone.

A Personal Emergency Reporting System features CC Comm's reliable 24/7 monitoring by extensively trained professionals dedicated solely to personal emergencies. It provides peace of mind while allowing those you love to maintain their independent lifestyles.

Call or visit our Customer Service Center at 899 S. Maine Street to protect your family with a Personal Emergency Reporting System from CC Communications.

  • Help at the push of a button
  • Perfect for those who live alone
  • Two-way voice monitoring available
  • Equipment options available

NOTE: No cost for equipment and Personal Emergency Reporting System monitoring at $31.95 per month requires a 3-year contract. Some restrictions apply.

Two-Way Voice Pendant Helps Keep You Active

The Caretaker Sentry by LogicMark is the world's smallest 2-way speaker-phone pendant communicator. It works as a standard pendant, and it also allows you to communicate instantly and effectively with up to 600 feet of mobility in and around the home.

With a standard personal emergency system, if you are too far away from the base station speaker-phone you cannot hear the central station operator or explain what the emergency is. The Caretaker Sentry's 2-way speaker-phone pendant allows you to take the speaker-phone with you in and around the home.

Optional Accessory: The Emergency Wall Communicator provides a mount option for the bathroom or bedside table. It provides two-way voice communication.

Personal Emergency Reporting and Safety Monitoring System

The Caretaker Sentry is CC Comm's basic Personal Emergency Reporting System. It includes:

  • A speaker-phone Control Station with four (4) audible reminders.
  • One waterproof pendant that may be worn as a necklace, like a wristwatch or on a belt clip (all included). The pendant has a recessed button to prevent accidental button presses.

Advanced Personal Emergency Reporting, Safety and Lifestyle Management Solution

The Caretaker Sentry includes:

  • A waterproof pendant that may be worn as a necklace, like a wristwatch or on a belt clip (all included). The pendant has a recessed button to prevent accidental button presses.
  • Up to 16 customizable voice and display reminders for medicines, food or appointments.

Economical Rates

Personal Emergency Reporting Service and equipment is available beginning at $31.95 per month, or as little as $25.95 when bundled with other CC Communications services.

Ask your CC Communications representative for service details and optional equipment pricing.

How security systems work

Control Panel

A security system starts with a control panel. Usually located in a closet or a basement, the control panel contains the “brains” of the security system, and essentially operates as a central computer. Various sensors connect to the control panel from locations throughout your home. If your security system is armed and the sensors detect a problem, they send signals to the control panel. The control panel automatically dials the central monitoring station, from where the proper authorities are notified.

The keypad

You operate your security system by entering your security code at the keypad. Generally located at entry doors, keypads can arm and disarm with push-button ease, and literally put security at your family’s fingertips! Good features to look for include illuminated keys to provide you with greater visibility at nighttime, easy-to-read English displays that spell out your system’s status at a glance, and one-touch function keys that provide single-button operation for arming, disarming or emergencies. Most keypads even offer convenient additional user codes to give friends, neighbors or service people access to your home.

Magnetic contacts

Magnetic contacts are two-part devices used to safeguard windows and doors. One part of the contact is a switch installed in the window or door jamb; the other contains a magnet and is placed in the window or door itself. Any noticeable shift in contact with the switch results in an alarm.

PIR motion sensors

A passive infrared motion detector (PIR) is an electronic security device that detects intruders by “sensing” motion or body heat in the area being protected. Most PIRs are designed to be used when your family is away from home or when no one will be passing through the area “covered” by the PIR.

Pets and PIR motion sensors

Recent innovations in security technology have resulted in the creation of “pet immune” motion detectors, allowing dog and cat lovers to enjoy the same level of protection they would receive with a standard PIR. These state-of-the-art sensors provide “pet immunity” for animals weighing up to 100 lbs. Pet immune PIRs allow your pet to move about freely but can still detect an intruder’s movement.

Glass break sensors

“Acoustic” glassbreak sensors, usually mounted on ceilings or walls, work by “listening” for the sound of breaking glass in a window. “Shock” glassbreak detectors are mounted on the window and “feel” the shock of breaking glass. This kind of advanced wireless technology can provide shatter and shock protection for your windows, for often intruders are “sensed” and an alarm sounded while they are still outdoors. This is often enough to send a burglar running!

Monitored smoke detectors

If you own a smoke detector, you obviously realize what an important safety measure this device is. That’s good. Smoke detectors are highly effective in preventing loss of life and property. However, there are differences between the “standalone” or battery-operated smoke detector you would buy at your local hardware store and one installed as part of your home security system.

“Standalone” detectors are not connected to other detectors or warning devices. A smoke detector connected to your security system offers more protection because it is monitored by a central station. If fire strikes, the detector sets off an alarm and sends a signal to the control panel. The control panel dials the central station, where the operator notifies the fire department. Only central station monitored smoke detectors provide automatic notification of authorities when you or your family are asleep, not at home or unable to get to the phone.

Wireless devices

Technological breakthroughs have led to the development of wireless electronic security products, and their effectiveness has been proven time and again over the years in millions of installations. Their rock-solid stability and long battery life make them a popular choice among homeowners and dealers alike. They give installers the flexibility they need to overcome obstacles like brick walls, cement floors and cathedral ceilings; and no drilling holes preserves the beauty of your home and results in cleaner, faster installations.

Folks today enjoy the convenience of remote control devices, and the security industry has responded! User-friendly wireless products provide the dual benefits of superior performance and ease of operation. Wireless keypads allow you to activate and deactivate your security system with the touch of a button, and can even be programmed so that a young child can operate it with ease. Homeowners especially love wireless keys! Similar in size to a remote car alarm key, they fit right on your key-chain, and the press of a single button lets you control your system, lights and appliances-eliminating the need for codes. This is especially great if you and your family enjoy spending time outdoors. Relax by the pool, garden, barbecue and entertain, or play with your kids in the backyard-enjoy extra mobility without compromising your safety!

Another hot item gaining popularity is the interactive phone module. By adding the phone module to your home security system, you’ll have remote control access from any touch-tone or cellular phone-from your office, on the road, or anywhere in the world! Conveniently arm, disarm or check the status of your system, turn your lights on or off-you can even control your thermostat and air conditioner!

dsc - how to change a battery

To bypass a zone and change a battery:  

  • STEP 1: Put System in Test Mode - Call Security Coverage and provide passcode. Call 1-888-684-2684 (8am - 11pm EST)
  • STEP 2: Locate the contact with the low battery (there may be more than one), then refer to the videos (links to the left) for battery replacement.
  • STEP 3: Once all batteries have been changed, the green check mark on panel should light up.
  • STEP 4: Cycle the System by arming and disarming.
  • STEP 5: Take System out of Test Mode - Call Security Coverage and provide passcode.
Honeywell - how to change a battery

To bypass a zone and change a battery  

  • STEP 1: Press the Home Button at the bottom of the control panel.
  • STEP 2: Press the Security Button on the panel, then select zones.
  • STEP 3: Select the contact with low battery alarm, then press the bypass button.
  • STEP 4: Enter your passcode.
  • STEP 5: Change the battery in the zone device.
  • STEP 6: Go back into zones on the control panel, select the zone that had the low battery alarm and enter your passcode. Now you can press the Home button at the bottom of the panel.
person hacking computer

Cybersecurity protection you can trust

First-class Internet security at the office is a necessity given the sophistication of today's online threats. Not only are you protecting your business's sensitive data but also your customers'. While large breaches have been prominent in the news, hackers and malware target companies of all sizes.

Our Enhanced Unified Threat Management (EUTM) Professional Cybersecurity Suite provides enterprise-grade protection including:

  • SonicWall TZ Series Wi-Fi Firewall with Comprehensive Gateway Security Software
  • 24/7/365 Technical and Server Support
  • SecureIT Pro endpoint & server protection with Next Generation Anti-Virus (NGAV)
  • Proactive Remote Monitoring & Management
  • 1 Terabyte Data Backup per seat
  • Mobile Device Protection
  • Password Protection Software
  • Identi-Fi: Wi-Fi Analysis App
  • Install/Setup Assistance

With leading endpoint and server protection, file backup and password management, your business will be taking vital steps to stay safe and beat the breach!


Technology is a lifeline for your business.

A 2016 study of 300 American professionals determined that the average employee spends 91 hours a year sorting out various computer problems. That's more than two full weeks each year due to IT-Related issues, not to mention the cost of lost productivity!

super hero  

Let us be your tech hero - we'll handle these office challenges so employees can get back to work.

Move forward confidently. No more worrying about cybersecurity attacks or data breaches. We'll keep your data and your customer's data safe.

Call (775) 423-7171 today for your free network consultation and learn how we can help protect your business!

CC Communications Home Security

Protecting the hugs and snugs with home security.

Secure the special moments. Whether it's family hugs or making sure they are snug as bug-protect what matters most to you. Get peace of mind with Home Security from CC Communications.

Save $400 on a home security system.

CC Communications security home product

Free basic security system

  • Control panel/key pad/siren
  • 3 door/window contacts
  • 1 motion detector
  • 1 wireless key fob

Secure your home for as little as $99 upfront and just $29.95/mo.

Security from CC Communications offers expert installation, professional 24/7 monitoring and smart home features like controlling your locks, heating/AC, lights and more from your mobile device. We make keeping you safe easy and low-cost.

CC Communications Home Security

Why do you need home Security?

Data suggests that a home security system is worth the investment above and beyond the peace of mind factor. Security yard signs deter burglars, sirens reduce the amount of time a burglar spends at your home, and the chances of identifying the perpetrator increase significantly when you have cameras. Check out the stats:

  • A burglary occurs about once every 15 seconds.
  • The average loss per burglary in the United States is $2,230.
  • Homes without a security system are about 300% more likely to be burglarized
  • It's estimated that only 72.4% of burglaries are reported to the police.
  • In 2014 there were an estimated 1,729,806 burglaries.